Saturday, July 11, 2009

Star Yankee

I promised a blog on Yankee, when I had a bit more information on him. I have a couple more pictures and a bit more of his life history.

Yankee, or Yank, as he is sometimes called, lived his entire life in the same stable.

He raced a couple of times as a two year old, then was injured and was given a year off to heal. He came back as a three year old, raced again a couple of times, then was injured again. Another year's vacation...get the idea he's actually smarter than the rest of us? Hmmm, couple of days work, off for a year. Sounds good to me! It was during his return as a four year old that his breathing problem became apparent--while trotting a fast mile (less than 2 minutes to finish), his palate would flip up and interfere with his breathing. He is still good for any number of other jobs, but this issue willl always have to be kept in mind. He has a good work ethic and, while he goofs around and has fun when off duty, he knows when to get down to work, which sounds like a pretty cool personality to me.

He REALLY likes dogs. Really. Alot. His best friend is a big yellow lab named Pudge. They like to lick each other's faces. I dunno...guys. Just don't get them. But they're darn cute.
Yank's groom, Amanda, says she would like to keep him herself, but she has no room, so I expect she will be very jealous of whoever gets to take this darling guy home. We have already had some interest in him, but, if you are interested, please fill out the form on our 'Want to Adopt?' page and send it in. There are always adorable horses with personality plus looking for a loving home.

Enjoy the summer day, everyone! And don't forget to hug a horse today!

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