Sadie's Story

Sadie arrived at Storybook Stables one winter day with a group of other ponies. To some people, maybe, she wouldn't have looked like much--just some dirty, skinny, obviously pregnant pony with lousy hooves. But we all knew she was special. Sadie had class. Maybe it was because Sadie was a Medicine Hat paint. Maybe it was just a special Sadieness. Whatever it was, she very soon won everyone's hearts.

Over the weeks, even over the days, we watched as Sadie gained weight. She started to fill out, had her feet done and began demanding to go out and play like the rest of the horses. As time passed and the dirt started coming out of her coat, we realized that not only were her ears brown, but she had a patch at the base of her tail and another on her side (for the longest time, we thought she was completely white, except for her ears!). She would watch over the yard from her paddock, calmly and graciously accepting any and all attention and treats. She loved scratches on the front of her shoulder.

Unfortunately, horses who suffer severe nutritional deficiencies often develop problems with different organ systems. Our Sadie was one of those. On March 19, 2009, Sadie passed away from what we believe was heart failure. It was so sudden, it was only afterwards that we realized that we had spent all of our time just enjoying her and had never taken a photo. She had so quickly become a part of our lives that we never thought a day would come when she wouldn't be there. Luckily, though, Brandi Tulloch had snapped one and was gracious enough to donate the image to us.

It was once believed that Medicine Hat paints were magical, that they had powers to protect their riders from those that would harm them. Sadie can no longer do this for her rider, but, through Sadie's Place, we hope she can provide her magical protection for other equines in need of help, love and a home

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