Saturday, December 15, 2012

Spirit of giving

While the practice of rescuing horses is in itself a rewarding experience, it is by no means a sexy endeavor.
It relies on countless volunteer hours, caring for horses that someone else couldn't or didn't want to care for themselves.
It can also means great personal expense, as a team like we have at Sadie's Place often dips into their own pockets to care for these animals.
It can also stir up its fair share of negative emotions, like sadness and even anger towards those responsible for suffering imposed on an animal.
But the events of the past few weeks with the rescue of Chippy (aka Walnut) have also brought forth emotions like gratitude and awe, and reminded us why it is we continue to do what we do.
The number of well-wishes that have poured in for this thin, emaciated little gelding, is amazing. Children with 'Get Well Soon' cards and carrots, adults with blankets and bags of feed and of course the dozens of people who made donations through our website or through the mail, asking for no recognition in return.
The kindness strangers have shown towards a horse that no one knew, is unbelievable. People from all walks of life, income brackets, age groups and locations. They represent english disciplines and western, pleasure and harness racing and some have no horse connections at all.
All these people have come together with one common theme - the love of horses - and we, at Sadie's Place are thankful and inspired as we realize we are not a small group of rescuers but a large community of horse lovers, working together for a common good. Thank you everyone. Merry Christmas to you all.
Jana Hemphill, director

P.S. Please continue to follow Chippys recovery on our FBpage at!/pages/Sadies-Place-Equine-Rescue/187271664678011?fref=ts

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