Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chance, the movie star

Took Chance outside to have a snack today. He's much livelier than he was when he first arrived--he actually pulled on the leadshank today! Good for you Chance!

The vet was out to see him, and corrected my estimate of his body score. He believes Chance scores a 1 on the Henneke scale. He also believes that Chance is in his 20's, although it's hard to tell once they get past a certain age. Chance is going to have his teeth floated in a couple of weeks, to see if that fixes anything. (We can't do it any sooner, in case the stress causes his heart to give out). Until then, he's getting hay pellets soaked, mixed with a bit of grain and some mineral to correct the mineral imbalances that occur during starvation.

Regardless of age, he seems sharp and lively (considering...). His legs are clean and his feet are good. He goes for apples with the intensity of an Olympic volleyballer setting up to spike the ball. Watch this video of him out snacking on the last of the green grass this afternoon. Please ignore the noise--it was windy out and I'm just using the video option on the digital camera.

Not too shabby for a skinny old guy, eh?

OK, group hug for Chance! Go!

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