Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello, Tilly!

I only have one picture of Tilly to show you, but I'm hoping for more.  Tilly is an approximately 8 year old standardbred who adores people and loves attention.  We were told that he was simply dropped off at a barn near Charlottetown and no one knows his owner.  We are attempting to trace him at the moment, but that can take time.  In the meantime, this gentle boy needs a home--foster or permanent.  He's another one of these tall, dark and handsome lads.  He loves kids and the neighbourhood kids love him; they visit all the time.

Ok, so maybe not the best picture of all time, but when you look at the expression on his face, he reminds me very much of a horse in the riding stable when I went to college, many years ago.  Kind and sweet, willing and eager to please.  The barn owner where he is now says he is all those things and more. Tilly really needs a home, as the barn owner can only keep him another couple of weeks--she has a new boarder coming in at the end of November and he is in their stall at the moment.  She has said that she can send his buckets and some grain to help support him until he has a permanent home.

Stories like this are sad, but hopefully Tilly's will have a happy ending.  I'm going to go hug my two ponies now.  Can somebody volunteer to be Tilly's hugger?

Update:  I have another picture now, which is much more attractive.  You can still see his kind expression.  We are going to try to pick him up on Sunday and we'll have more information on him shortly after that.

Now, does that not look like a nose that needs kissing?  Awww, you just want to hug him.

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