Monday, July 12, 2010

Chance in June

It's been a little crazy here lately--I'll get to that in another blog.  But, I thought people might like to get a peek at Chance, now that his winter coat has FINALLY shed out.  Sheesh, that took a while!

Looks a bit better than before, doesn't he?  Here's another picture:

And, for a closeup of that lovely bum he has now....

Still a little ways to go on his back, and, to be honest, he may never get it back.  It's amazing he's built so much muscle back up the time between the middle of October and now.

He's a pretty cute guy.  If you know someone who needs a companion horse, he's pretty much bottom of the pecking order.  He adores apples, but really couldn't care less about carrots.  Fresh grass is his absolute favourite.  He gets along really well with our other little pony, who bosses him around, despite being only 2/3 his size.
Here's a video of him, in our little grass run that day:

Please consider taking on this old guy.  I can't say yet if he is rideable--I'm away until the end of July, but will try to get in a few rides when I get back.  He has been out walking along the road and he's, so far, been very quiet.  In fact, he really seems to like that sort of thing.

Well, enjoy the summer riding weather, when it's not raining.  Think of it as an extra rinse after you shampoo your horse to get the mud off.  Right?  Riiiigght...

And, don't forget to hug your horses!

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