Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silkie's Money, aka Jake

Racing season is over and pastures are slowing down.  Unfortunately, the financial reality of horseracing hits about this time, so I would like to talk to you about Jake.

Jake is an absolute sweetheart, but his owners do not have enough stalls in their barn to keep him, now that his racing career is over. The reality is, for every owner in this situation, that no matter how much you love the horse, if you have nowhere to put him, you have to let him go.  I won't stay up on the soapbox very long, but we really do have an amazing overlooked resource here on the Island with the ex rachorses--they trailer, stand for the farrier, let themselves be caught, don't mind the vet, great ground manners--half your training is done for you!

Look at that face and tell me that he isn't a horse that is interested in EVERYTHING!  Does he not look like he's just waiting for someone to announce the Adventure of the Day?  At 10 years old, he still has many years left in him and has outgrown most of the young horse silliness that you see up until about this age (for those who haven`t had much to do with young horses, try thinking of little boys in the 6-9 year old age range...it's a pretty accurate comparison! :D)

Not only is he older and more sensible, but he`s HOT!  I mean, smokin'!  Look at that shoulder, the extension, the flow of the back into the hindquarters (why do I have a sudden urge to go watch Pirates of the Caribbean?)  What a lovely competition horse he will make for someone.  What an even lovelier friend and best bud he will make too.

If someone steps up and takes him home before October 15.  Because that is the date of the next sale, when his owners will be forced to send him along, because they don't have the space to keep him.  Sadie's Place is full at the moment, we have no stalls for him.  Is there anyone out there who could open up a corner of their barn for this darling young fellow?

I have to go hug my ponies.

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