Sunday, June 14, 2009

And we all went clubbing...Pony Clubbing, that is!

What a fantastic couple of days we've had! After days and days of rain, damp, mist and cold temperatures, I think we were all checking ourselves very carefully for signs of mold.

This was the weekend of the Charlottetown Pony Club Show, held at the Crapaud Agriplex. Lovely facility, lots of space and a fantastic barn to keep the horses in.

While we were all enjoying the sunshine and watching the classes, our lovely volunteers were busy selling tickets on a basket full of horse treats (and not the cheap kinds, either; the really good, nutritious ones! so the guilt factor is a little smaller as you build up that layer of winter insulation on your horse or pony...:) )

Don't look so happy, girls! You'll scare off the customers!

Actually, they were finding the sun a little bright, and the table a little boring, so off they went...

to encourage the crowd to buy some tickets. They were a very enthusiastic group and really helped us out.

Finally, the big moment came... the draw for the winner...

And here he is...Scott MacDonald! Now, don't eat them all at once, Scott, you'll get a tummy ache! And watch out for that shifty looking character on the right--she looks like she's thinking about mugging you!
Actually, it's his daughter, Jaime, who was riding in the show. Bet we know where those treats actually end up...
All in all, a great day, with about $100 raised to help provide help and homes for horses and ponies in need. Congratulations, PE Islanders! You're the best!

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