Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chance's two month anniversary!

I love stormy nights, especially when I don't have to go to work the next day.  Not that I don't have work to do, but it's pony work, which doesn't really feel like work.

First of all, Christmas came early for Chance.  He received a new blanket from a lady named Sylvette.  Here it is, still in the package. 

He needed a blanket, because he was too thin to stand any cold. Here it is out of the package.  It's a nice blanket, with lots of straps to keep it on.

Here he is, modelling it the first day we had it. (Please ignore the manure pile in the background.  You know how it happens, when you start picking the 'piles' and suddenly find yourself picking everything? And for some reason I thought that was a good time to take the picture...)

Here he is, licking the floor, because nothing tastes better than supper dumped out of your dish and licked off the floor...I don't bed that end of the stall any more, hee hee.

He likes to go outside now, which is nice.  Not only does he not leave as much 'mess' in the stall, but it's so much better for them to get outside, both healthwise and mental healthwise. Here he is relaxing in the sun.

He and Penny spend all the nice days following each other around outside.

In fact, he's decided that when it is nice out, he would prefer to eat 'al-fresco' and refuses to finish his meal unless you take it outside.

He seems very proud of himself now, doesn't he?  He's still not too sure of people and we're making a point of catching him to take him to his feed, to see if that changes his opinion.  He's still really quiet and easy to work around--I was tossing straw right under him and shaking it around and he didn't care at all.  He's getting MSM in his feed now, after his colic, because his manure was still a little loose, but it is better now.  We even got a little canter out of him the other day, when he suddenly realized that I had snuck out to the barn with his lunch without him noticing!  Didn't take him long to arrive once he realized what time it was.  So, all in all, despite our little colic adventure, things are going well for him.  He's finally figured out how to eat hay with his 'new' teeth and the new hay bale is disappearing quickly.  Can't wait to see him when the new grass comes in.

Well, stay warm, and don't forget to hug your horses! (You might need to hang onto them to stay warm tonight, with that wind!)

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