Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not exactly how I planned to spend Friday night...

Friday night is supposed to be all about relaxing, kicking back and planning for the weekend.  The work week is over (for those of us not in the service industry) and we start filling up our batteries for the week ahead.

And then, you have ponies...

Came home from work, tied up the greedy fat pony so she couldn't eat Chance's 'tea', fed them both and headed into the house to make supper.  An hour later, out to the barn I go, like usual, to untie Penny, only to find Chance lying down at the end of the stall and his grain hardly touched. 

Now, don't get me wrong, we've been waiting for a colic from him and he keeps surprising us. 
We were expecting it when we first got him and started him on soaked hay pellets.  Nothing.
We expected it when he got his teeth done.  Nothing.
When he was wormed.  Nothing.
When we added new feeds.  Nothing.
When the weather got cold.  Nothing.
So when does he do it?  Friday night, just before Christmas.  Because, of course, we already have ALL our Christmas shopping done, right?  Yeah, me neither.

In all, it was actually not a bad colic.  No thrashing, no sweating, only lasted about 6 hours.  With him it is a worry because he has no energy reserves to get him through something like this, but he pulled through fine.  He's a funny old duck.  He'd drop to the ground and start to roll and I'd yell, "Chancie, don't you dare!" and he'd jump to his feet and look guilty. He would walk himself around the stall and he nearly tripped himself trying not to step on me when I would walk him and we had to make a tight turn.  He's such a good boy!

We did get the vet out to have a look at him--Thank you Barb from Kensington Vets!  She gave him some Banamine and some painkiller and evaluated his condition for us. He was much more comfortable when she left and was even interested in some hay at that point.

Ponies.  What do you do with them? Me, I'm going to go out and hug them again, then I'm going to go back to bed.  Stay tuned for pictures of Chance in his new winter blanket (Thank you Sylvette T!--by the way, his blanket stayed on the Whole Time!  Only one strap came undone on it's own!) and some happy holiday stories.

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