Saturday, December 5, 2009

We've met Antonio, now meet Marilyn!

Marilyn Monroe, that is, in horse form!

24 years old, and still sexy!

Apple has been a backyard pet all her life and was very attached to her owner.  Unfortunately, he developed a medical condition which meant that he could no longer look after her. So he called us, knowing we would do what was necessary to find her a loving home for the rest of her life.  And she's still got a lot of life left in her!

Just look at that face!

Because she has spent most of her life just interacting with her owner, she is still not sure of other people.  Being a smart girl, she's waiting for us to prove to her that we love her just as much as her owner did.  Apple has just returned from 30 days professional training and assessment. 

She is still very stressed from all the sudden changes in housing and expectations and misses her old owner.  We are working very slowly to introduce her to other people and convince her that it is ok when people ask her to do things she is not accustomed to.  Poor old girl!  She looks to be a very sweet mare, once she gets over the changes, and we have high hopes for her.

Apple is going to spend a couple of months in foster, just relearning how to be more than a pasture pet and getting over losing her owner of 24 years.  She's going to live with a very nice lady who has a stall and a paddock for her and Apple's entire job will be to be led from stall to paddock in the morning, paddock to stall in the evening, eat carrots and apples (her favourite!) and to just look gorgeous!  Not bad work, if you can get it.  Where can I apply for a job like that?

Apple could really use a sponsor or even some Christmas gifts to put toward her future needs.  Please consider giving a Gift of Kindness to Apple, or one of our other horses, in someone's name this Christmas. The Gift of Kindness is our Christmas Giving campaign.

The cards are currently available at The Tack Store and Agro Coop in Charlottetown.

The inside of the card reads ' A gift of _______ has been donated in your name to Sadie's Place Equine Rescue for __________.

Chance's 2 month anniversary is coming up and Yankee just came back from training with a top-notch report card.  I will be updating him soon!  Devil is gone to a new home, but Bandit, Mr. B (so cute!) and Blaze are coming in to start their little vacation after retiring.  Stay tuned for updates on all these guys! (and gals!)

Have to go hug the ponies, although when I look at the size of the manure pile I have to move today, I don't feel so huggy at all.  Hope the good weather holds!

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